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DMCA - Copyright Notice

We will remove any video link that has been reported to us as a copyright breach as soon as possible by manually doing so. All videos are linked to on this site, none are hosted here!

We Always Take Copyright and Piracy Claims Very Seriously!

The Videos are only seen because embedable options on other sites like YouTube and Vevo have been allowed. None are hosted on here as we have set the upload options for members on this site to a too low a setting restricting uploads by our members to only shows clips of at least 10secs or so until we remove this feature alltogether..

All the videos "which are embeded videos" on this site are from either YouTube /Vevo etc and have their original logos, ads etc still displayed so that it remains in keeping with its embed permissions.. These Video Sites control the videos embed, geo-restriction features, copyright claims, ads, and all other options set by the video owner and site it is hosted on. So you may need to serve notice on them if you haven't done so alreadly because that is where the videos will be hosted!

We can remove the link to the video which will remove the players respectfully when a video is reported on either by filling out the short form with the report link to the right of the video page.

You can also report videos for link removal by e-mailing us:
copyright "at"